This course is required for all students who aspire to serve on Area or Global Student Leader Teams. It is recommended for EVERYONE and was completely updated and revised in 2021!



Session 1: May 30–July 2
Session 2: July 18–August 20

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Course Length and Duration

  • This course meets asynchronously so there are no scheduled meeting times. Work is done independently.
  • 8–10 hours work over 4 weeks
  • Access to streaming video is required for this course.
  • This course must be completed before starting Peacemaking 1.

All coursework needs to be completed by end date aboveto receive credit or to qualify as a completed prerequisite for future classes.

Course Fee

      USD $97

Course Alumni Support

  • Elyse Normand


  • Students ages 14+ and adults. 


ICC’s Peacemaking Introduction is designed to offer you some amazing revelations that will help you understand how conflict and chaos are actually part of God’s plan to help us grow and learn.  Most of us want to fight or run the other way - but neither is particularly healthy. During this peacemaking introduction, we will reveal the secret the world seems to misunderstand — conflict is actually an opportunity to glorify God, strengthen relationships, and grow in self-awareness.

Peacemaking Introduction identifies what a culture of peace is, explores our own role in establishing a culture of peace, and defines "I am the 85."


In order to create a culture of peace, we have discovered that one of the keys is to learn to recognize and respect differing perspectives, even when we disagree. We cannot show love to others by rejecting them completely, simply because they think differently than we do.  When we push people away, we lose an opportunity to speak Truth. 

This course content has been prepared with an eye to exploring the world, looking for opportunities to Christ and Glorify God in both one’s individual life and also in relationship to others. While we have limited the topics covered in Peacemaking Intro to those generally acceptable for 14 and 15 year olds, the sites containing the videos change daily and sometimes contain COMMENTS that are not appropriate.

Because we are aware this might happen, we only require videos intended for ALL AUDIENCES for our 14-15 year olds. Please note, even among the OVER 16 Selections, the videos themselves are NOT generally a problem. We try to provide warnings if there is a curse word or unduly coarse language, but even that is rare.  It is the comments that may be inappropriate. We can avoid the problem simply by ignoring the comments which are always below the video.

While there is great value in going through the process of looking at the way the world views things, it is not our intent to force anyone to watch anything that students, parents or God feels is inappropriate in light of our overall objective to learn to create a Culture of Peace.

While we encourage stretching beyond what makes you comfortable and feel good -- it is ultimately your decision.

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